Garage materialism growing


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After the construction of the first suburb, the garage ...
a measure of the economic prosperity of a country was taken.
Family. First there was one, then two, but now four.
Garage doors are the new form of decadence in
Building a house. A realtor would say that ...
people have a diary of equipment and pieces these days.
it's a great demand for a place to keep it. You
In some cases garages can be larger than many apartments,
More cars than ever. The third and maybe
the fourth family of cars is a necessity for families where children
stay at home longer and just park on the street
one of the factors that indicate a larger construction

In addition, every man has his own love for " toys"”
such as boats, jet skis, motorcycles, bicycles, power tools
and benches and these "toys" need an escort. A
looking into a garage of three or four cars can reveal tools,
Bicycles, sports equipment, a workshop and a 25-meter workshop.
This visual deterioration of the suburban landscape is one of the main causes of urban landscape degradation.
Aspect of materialism that will not stop spinning at all times

Not everyone likes this trend. Some home builders
spending extra time and money on architectural plans
in this way you can divide these huge surfaces of square feet.
opposite sides of the House. A problem that seems
that is the problem of the structure of Parliament after the vote.
transformation. The most aesthetic are the back.-
garages for cargo, but require the use of parking
Space for turning the spokes. Requires side loading garages
but wider websites can make the front of the House
a huge look. With the current increase in costs for:
In many regions this is not feasible in the long term.
It is a sign of great materialism, namely:
five good is better to make more and more people understand
one thing is, a garage isn't good, unless it's her, too.
the size of a basketball court.

When will it end?
We put the house in a garage 10.
ever bigger than the House? Maybe it would be better.
so that everyone thinks twice before making such a commitment.
buying a house near the garage. Maybe it's
people better take care of the simplest.
and more fundamental things in life than owning a four-wheeled car.