Transformation of the main garage


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One of the most common Questions is:
transforming your garage for new use is
the heat of the soil. If you decide to convert
Your garage in a spacious house, or you
as part of the gym, some
Improvements for the floor.

As the garage has a concrete floor that is not insulated,
You should focus on making it warmer and more resistant. Fur
the floor with wood and plywood can take both forms.
Task. Treated wood should be used or protected as a warning.
wood that comes into contact with concrete and
Felt between Wood and concrete.

First, we measure and determine how much we want to increase the dose.
Ground. All parquet floors have a certain slope
Rear wall to wall with garage door y
Water Drainage. To obtain a level Plan, it must be checked regularly.
beams, if they are in a position perpendicular to the
the slope in the ground should have been demolished.
bottom or shimmed at the top and if the sleepers are parallel to the slope,
they can be torn on a cone or use the thicknesses to level them.

Okay, you're done rebuilding the floors. now is the time,
look at your walls. You might be surprised that
your walls are not even with the foundation on which they sit. You
she may have resigned from the foundation or maybe in
other areas. Only one step will solve these problems:
a wood size that is deep enough to allow absorption over the
concretely. Cut out each end of the fur Strip and
a strip on the face of each pivot on the wall becomes a
even a wall that completely hides the foundation. In addition,
deep enough for wall insulation R-21, this type of
Isolation is the most common code requirement.

Various Obstructions
it may appear. Closures such as pipes, cables, wires and others
smooth walls can be clogged. For small obstructions
like threads or small pipes, fur strips can be adjusted
enough to accommodate them. The Solution for large
The blockages are those of the boxes around you. If constipation is water
Heater or something you need to access.
In and enclose on three sides and thus a removable
Access panel on the fourth page.

A building permit can be requested for a make over garage.
Of course, all the methods presented here are purely theoretical.
and only for driving. All garages are different and some
Where appropriate, adaptations of the methods or materials used are necessary
to live in your garage.