Warehouse Garage Shelves

A garage is the perfect home for all kinds of objects and activities
from the storage of sports equipment to tools and machinery; and
this is the initial purpose of parking the car for activities such as a Home Office.,
a gym or a workshop. If your garage is used only for storage,
other businesses really need shelves for the organization.

Normally, the shelves of garages can be found in two main forms:
and done in advance.
On-site shelves are generally cheaper and
in this way they can adapt the size of the available space. You can find
everything you need at the local visitor center, Holzhof.,
discount Shop or hardware store.

One of the bases of the garage shelves consists of a simple piece.
¾ "Plywood or 1x or 2x length of wood with heavy weights
. This is possible by installing the mounts on the vehicle mount.
Bolts are fixed directly with long screws, and then attach the shelf to the wall.
Support. To reinforce the shelf, you can add a rail to each bolt.

Another kind of shelf is the one you bring from the floor. Method
it is 2x4 vertical every 50 inches and rest on the surface
The floor and attach it to the sheet music or ceiling beams on top. In
the 2x4 are horizontal on the edge between the two sides.
then you use a pin disc to create the shelf. Most of the
Commonly used dimensions are 19-25 inches for depth and distance
between the 2x4 is usually 25 inches, but of course this size can be
change the size of the item are to be considered

To save small objects,
Distance between bolts. Tying a series of 1x2 strips
horizontally on the inner edges of two adjacent bolts
about 6 inches away, cutting some 1x4 and 1x6 pieces
Wood and mount it between the bolts and push it up
with the 1x2, you can create some small adjustable shelf. These are:
ideal for glasses, cans and bottles and for other small and light
Article. Small shelves are ideal for organizing and storing vines
and nails.

The best choice for building prefabricated shelves is:
Metal Shelves. Plastic shelves can be enough to save light
Weight items, but with the passage of time you may need more.
to store heavier items. One of the disadvantages of steel
Shelves can not be cut to such an extent that they have standards
wide, deep and high, so they can choose
go back to your room.

Juxtaposition is another important consideration in the preparation phase.
Shelf. Prefabricated shelves must be adjustable to at least two.
various places inside the shelves and even pencils
The attitude must be difficult and must have something in place.
to prevent them from melting or inadvertently getting confused

The court held that:
prefabricated shelves, especially designed for heavy loads,
you need a wall mount or other support
for cigarettes.